Below are examples of past projects we've worked on.
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CLIENT: The Carpenter’s Fund (TCF) is an impact investment intermediary that provides senior secured loan capital to Christian-led companies and churches in emerging markets, empowering borrowers to create wealth and reduce poverty in their local communities while providing competitive financial returns to investors in the United States.

NEED: TCF was seeking to expand its activity on both ends of the investment spectrum — by identifying and securing capital commitments from new U.S. investors, and by finding and vetting new investment opportunities overseas.

SOLUTION: Nexus Impact Advisors worked closely with TCF management team and advisory board to achieve both these goals. On the investor side, this involved developing a comprehensive landscape study to identify high-potential prospects, creating new investment pitch decks and marketing materials, and undertaking targeted investor outreach. Within six months, we helped secure new investor capital commitments of $4.5 million. On the project investment side, we developed a rigorous, 3-stage due diligence process to vet projects, and worked through our global networks to buildout a pipeline of opportunities across five continents.

CLIENT: The United Bible Societies (UBS) is a global network of Bible societies working in over 200 countries and territories across the world. Country-level Bible societies implement a range of programs to deliver the Bible to local communities in the language and medium of their choice, while UBS, as the ‘umbrella’ parent entity, provides strategic guidance, financial support, and capacity building.

NEED: Country-level Bible societies are non-profits that operate on philanthropic donations. This poses challenges for long-term financial sustainability. At the same time, many of these Bible societies own un- or underdeveloped real estate assets which, if developed to their highest and best use, could generate revenue to fund their ministry while providing financial returns to investors. UBS was seeking to develop an investment vehicle to enable them, along with like-minded investors from around the world, to provide affordable loan capital to country-level Bible societies to develop their real estate, become financially self-sufficient, and deliver attractive returns to investors.

SOLUTION: Nexus Impact Advisors worked closely with UBS to explore a range of investment vehicle options — including global funds, more localized ‘funds of funds,’ direct lending facilities, and others. The key challenge was identifying a vehicle that would enable participation from investors around the world and deployment of capital to Bible societies around the world — a not-so-straightforward proposition given the regulatory nuances of each country. We ultimately recommended a senior secured loan syndicate, a model in which a third party administrative entity is setup to vet potential projects, present them to interested investors for their direct purchase/investment, and then facilitate the transaction and ongoing monitoring. This solution enables UBS to start the country-level lending project in a manageable, piecemeal fashion as projects and investors are identified and vetted, while also retaining the option to grow into a larger global fund in the future.

CLIENT: Global Health Visions (GHV) is a boutique global health and development consulting firm that provides strategic counsel and expert guidance to organizations working to improve the lives and livelihoods of women, men, adolescents, and children around the world.

NEED: After six years of successful growth, GHV was looking to position itself for the next phase of expansion. Specifically, this meant creating a new organizational structure to position the firm for sustainable growth; refining and tightening up its service offerings and areas of expertise to better suit the changing global health marketplace; and diversifying its revenue streams through a strategic approach to business development.

SOLUTION: Nexus Impact Advisors worked closely with GHV’s president and senior management team to undertake a comprehensive strategic planning process. The result was the implementation of a new organizational structure with key department heads to manage issue-area portfolios and decentralize prospective client outreach; the refinement of GHV’s service offerings to better align with market demand and position the organization as a thought leader; and the design and implementation of a new business development approach to diversify revenue streams. 

CLIENT: ARDF is the relief and development arm of the Anglican Church in North America. Established in 2004, ARDF has invested nearly $8 million dollars into 163 development projects around the world — transforming the lives of individuals and communities in 34 countries.

NEED: Building on this successful grant making track record, ARDF recently began exploring new investment and financing models to enhance the impact of its work and ensure long-term financial sustainability. They retained Nexus Impact Advisors to undertake due diligence of a specific investment opportunity in rural Rwanda — one with the potential to beneficially impact local Rwandan communities while providing investment returns to ARDF for further investment in East African projects. 

SOLUTION: Over the course of two months, Nexus Impact Advisors did extensive desk research, performed interviews with key stakeholders, visited the project sites in Rwanda, and developed a thorough 20-page due diligence report with key findings. This unbiased, objective, thorough analysis enabled ARDF's board of directors to make an informed investment decision.