At Nexus Impact Advisors, we work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, and then tailor bespoke solutions that are creative, practical, and actionable. Our primary service offerings include:

  1. EDUCATION: Impact investing is a relatively new field, and it can be difficult to know where it fits in the broader spectrum of philanthropy and investing. We work with clients to educate them on what impact investing is, how it can be used to achieve their social and financial goals, and what specific opportunities exist to take action. Email us to learn how we can help you or your organization. 
  2. STRATEGIC PLANNING: We work closely with clients to understand their motivations and goals, explore the range of investment opportunities that are available in the market, and then tailor targeted investment strategies that are actionable, measurable, and adaptable to real-world changes. View our process here
  3. INVESTMENT DUE DILIGENCE:  With on-the-ground experience in more than 50 countries, we understand the importance of local knowledge in making smart investment decisions. At Nexus Impact Advisors, we employ a rigorous due diligence methodology to qualify investment opportunities and ensure their alignment with the objectives of our clients.  
  4. MARKET RESEARCH: The impact investing landscape is burgeoning, and the rapid evolution of the field can make it difficult to know where the opportunities are. At Nexus Impact Advisors, we have deep understanding of the space, and are able to provide partners with targeted analyses that define investment activity in the areas that matter to them – whether it be by sector, geography, vehicle structure, type of financing, or other parameters. We also undertake broader market research to produce reports with new findings and fresh insights that further the industry's development. 
  5. MESSAGING & COMMUNICATIONS: For impact funds and other investment intermediaries, a critical component of success is effective marketing and communication – being able to articulate to potential investors what your investment offering is, what impact it will have, and why it is worthy of their capital. With our extensive experience in strategic communications, we work with partners to help them understand the motivations of their target investors and then craft messaging and collateral to tell stories that resonate.
  6. MONITORING & EVALUATION: One of the biggest challenges in impact investing is effectively measuring what the non-financial impact of an investment is. We work closely with clients throughout a project's lifecycle to help define what success looks like, establish benchmarks and metrics for measuring it, and then implement these tools throughout the life of an investment to understand its full impact. 
  7. IMPACT INVESTMENT VEHICLE STRUCTURING: When dealing in the impact investment landscape, it can be difficult to know the best investment vehicle to maximize project impact and financial return. We work closely with investors to understand their needs and circumstances, and structure the appropriate vehicles to achieve their objectives – including bespoke funds, multi-geographical and/or sectoral 'funds of funds,' private loan syndicates, direct project investments, and more.

This list is illustrative of what we do, but not exhaustive. If you are looking for expertise not listed here, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help. if we can't, we will happily refer you to someone better equipped to do so.